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The completely renewed establishment allows to welcome 60 guests in a modern and warm atmosphere. By good weather you can also take advantage of the pleasant terrace with view on the Moselle. No matter if you come by car or by bus, a huge car park is at your disposal just opposite the Restaurant.

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The young chef Chris Juchemes is awarded by the Diekirch catering school. He perfected his innovative and diversified cuisine at different well-known restaurants in the Grand duchy and in Switzerland. Quality products are the base of his well-balanced cuisine which varies along the seasons.

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Eng haaptsächlech franséisch a lëtzebuergesch Kiche gëtt iech hei ugebueden. Et kann een sech à la Carte verwinne loossen an d‘ Woch iwwer kritt een och gäre mëttes e Plat du jour zervéiert.

Fir Famillje- respektiv Betriebsfeieren stelle mir iech och gären e Menü zesummen.










1 Gluten / 2 Crustacés (Krustentiere) / 3 OEufs (Eier) / 4 Poisson (Fisch) / 5 Arachide (Erdnuss) / 6 Soja / 7 Lait (Milch) / 8 Fruits de coque (Schalenfrüchten) / 9 Céleri (Sellerie) / 10 Moutarde (Senf) / 11 Graines de sésame (Sesamsamen) / 12 Anhydride sulfureux (Schwefeldioxid) / 13 Lupin (Lupine) / 14 Mollusques (Mollusken)

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Woch vum 23.04. bis 26.04.2024

Zervéiert Dënschdes bis Freides vun 12 bis 14 Auer.
 1 Gluten / 2 Crustacés (Krustentiere) / 3 OEufs (Eier) / 4 Poisson (Fisch) / 5 Arachide (Erdnuss) / 6 Soja / 7 Lait (Milch) / 8 Fruits de coque (Schalenfrüchte) / 9 Céleri (Sellerie) / 10 Moutarde (Senf) / 11 Graines de sésame (Sesamsamen) / 12 Anhydride sulfureux (Schwefeldioxid) / 13 Lupin (Lupine) / 14 Mollusques (Mollusken)

Haaptgang: 15,00 €
Entrée & Haaptgang oder Haaptgang & Dessert: 19,50 €
Entrée, Haaptgang, Dessert: 24,00 €

You can download a PDF of the menu here:

Noon specials



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Reserve over phone

You can reach us during our business hours from 12 – 14 and from 19 – 22 Uhr except saturday noon, sunday evening and mondays through +352 26 74 54 48. Larger groups should reserve early enough. Please let us know your special wishes or requirements so we can offer you the best possible service.


Private Parties

For baptisms, communions, weddings, funerals and other occasions, the restaurant Savory offers a comprehensive service to meet your requirements. Please contact us by phone to explain the details and to get answers to your questions.




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Das Restaurant befindet sich auf der Route du Vin N°10 in Grevenmacher, direkt gegenüber des Moselufers.

Parkmöglichkeiten sind reichlich vorhanden.

Sollten Sie spezielle Wünsche oder Anforderungen haben zögern Sie nicht uns zu kontaktieren.

Tél.: +352 26 74 54 48
Fax: +352 26 74 54 49

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